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A service-driven professional, Katherine Jean Hubbell Domning spent the majority of her career with nonprofit organizations. She started out as an information system engineer at the Mitre Corporation and a design engineer at General Electric, but transferred to the American Red Cross National Headquarters after five years. It was at the American Red Cross that Ms. Hubbell Domning discovered her passion for budgeting work; she had a gift for looking at a budget and figuring out the numbers and the plan behind it. She eventually left to join the Dominion Group as a marketing consultant and the National Foundation of Women Business Owners on a part-time basis. She retired in 2002 so that she could focus entirely on volunteer activities.

Originally, Ms. Hubbell Domning’s interest in voluntary work started when she was in high school, a Catholic college-prep school. She participated in service projects that focused on taking Christmas presents to underprivileged families with children and playing with intellectually disabled students at nearby schools during their recess, and really got a lot out of it. She decided then that she always wanted to have some connection to philanthropy. Over the years, Ms. Hubbell Domning has been involved with organizations like the American Red Cross at the Bethesda Naval Hospital, Holy Cross Hospice, National Christian Life Community, National Catholic Social Justice Lobby, Christian Life Community Mid-Atlantic Region, United Way’s Emergency Services Allocations Review Committee, and the Pilot Project of The Bridges Program for Christian Life Community. As of today, she is facilitating small, faith-sharing groups of individuals who are striving to live out a radical commitment to Gospel values as enunciated in Catholic Social Teaching.

Ms. Hubbell Domning prepared for her endeavors by earning a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Bachelor of Science in mathematics from Clemson University in 1974, as well as a Master of Business Administration in marketing from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in 1991. She furthered her academic standing by obtaining a graduate certificate in theological studies from the Washington Theological Union in 2013.


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  1. Congratulations. I ran across this by accident. Hope all is well. Natasha and I are retired. She worked for State and I for DoD, primarily with Naval Aviation. We split our time between our condo in Arlington and our log house in Mid Coast Maine. You and husband are welcome to visit if you venture north. Daughters are doing quite well working in the DC region considering the current virus disaster. All the best.

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