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Able to dream fearlessly, Kari Hogan sees endless possibilities for the betterment of lives. Her understanding of the role of a leader and ability to utilize it puts her in the perfect position to achieve her goals. Ms. Hogan began working with Portable Practical Education Preparation, Inc., in 1987, and has held a number of titles throughout the years. She has shown the agency and its management that she is able to do what it takes to implement successful programs, whether it’s one she created herself or a poorly-performing one she was able to turn around, and is proud of the reputation she has built. Now having advanced to the role of chief administrative officer, Ms. Hogan is responsible for managing, directing, and implementing programs for youths and adults in the areas of employment, training, case management, and emergency services, working with communities, and developing partnerships to leverage funding for the sustainability of programs. Other duties include overseeing career development and economic development strategies within high-growth and high-demand occupations, working with regional and national coalitions on legislative issues surrounding employment and training, managing funding in excess of $4 million, monitoring the budget for optimum output, and overseeing 15 programs and grants and 47 staff members in a nine-county area in the state of Arizona.

Ms. Hogan prepared for her endeavors by earning a Bachelor of Science in business administration and management from the University of Phoenix and certifications from the Grantsmanship Center and Pima Community College. She finds the most gratifying aspect of the field to be giving people an opportunity to achieve their dreams. Looking forward, she hopes to be remembered as a loving, committed, caring and courageous individual who made a difference.

When Ms. Hogan isn’t working, she enjoys putting her talents to use in the community. She has experience as an executive board member of the Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs, the president of the Rocky Mountain High Coalition, a board member of the Western Alliance of Farmworker Advocates, and a member of the Lambda Sigma Delta Nu Delta Honor Society. She was granted an Outstanding Volunteer Award from PPEP’s YouthBuild AmeriCorps Group 9 in the city of San Luis for her efforts in 2011.


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