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Joyce Hagel-Silverman

While coming of age, Dr. Joyce S. Hagel-Silverman, ABDA, NCC, CPC, was recognized for her talent and intelligence. While pursuing her academic efforts, she was mentored by teachers and professors, who noticed her potential and took the time to nourish her growth in school. In college, one professor in particular allowed her to grade papers and tutor international students, and another professor convinced her to join the American Association of University Women. Dr. Hagel-Silverman proceeded to receive a Bachelor of Arts in business and German from Baldwin Wallace College, a Master of Arts in psychology and counseling from Case Western Reserve University, a Master of Arts in educational management from John Carroll University, and a PhD in psychology analysis from Columbus Pacific University.

While serving as a school counselor, Dr. Hagel-Silverman realized that the needs of many underperforming students were not being met through traditional counseling methods. As a result, she decided to pursue psychology and psychotherapy in order to make a difference in the lives of her students. Presently, Dr. Hagel-Silverman continues to serve as a senior disability analyst (diplomate) in Collier County, Florida.

Previously, Dr. Hagel-Silverman served as a counselor at West Technical High School, where she likewise presided over the senior class for jobs. During this time, she noticed that most of the female seniors did not have jobs because, at the time, women were not viewed as leaders. Upon arriving at this realization, she gathered some 70 employers to meet at the high school to interview the students. In anticipation, she solicited the English teachers to help prepare them for interviews and job application completion. In the end, Dr. Hagel-Silverman’s efforts were successful and she was very proud to be able to help these students in such an impactful way.

As a respected voice in her field, Dr. Hagel-Silverman authored “Analysis of Interventions Used to Improve Ninth Grade Math Scores on the California Math Achievement Test.” She has also contributed to professional articles, and has given lectures on famous composers at various embassies (Austrian, Belgian and German) and George Mason University, the University of South Carolina at Aiken and prestigious private clubs such as the Historic George Town Club, the Naples Sailing and Yacht Club and the Congressional CC. Civically, she has maintained her affiliation with the World Affairs Council, the Capital Speakers Club and Autism After 21. She serves on the boards for the Embassy Series, the Washington International Piano Arts Council, Arts for the Aging and the Black Tie, Inc., Club. Professionally, Dr. Hagel-Silverman is a member of the Fulbright Association and Phi Delta Kappa (National Education Fraternity). She is active member and donor of the Naples Woman’s Club, the Naples Sailing and Yacht Club, and the University Club of Washington, DC.


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