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Joy Mbelu

Joy Mbelu, a registered nurse (RN) with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), is a professional nurse and health care administrator at Blessed Manor LLC in Michigan. Among her numerous duties, she most enjoys interacting with her clients and providing them with the individual care and support that each of them needs. Blessed Manor LLC, where Ms. Mbelu has worked for more than 25 years, is a premier senior care assisted living facility in Lansing, Michigan. When she enters the facility, Ms. Mbelu is very familiar to, and greeted by the smiling faces of, her beloved residents, who light up at the sight of her. She is incredibly proud of witnessing the progress of individuals she supports and mentors. With expertise in personnel management, hiring, and training, she ensures that her clients are looked after by providing round-the-clock care to Blessed Manor’s elderly residents, who are like family.

Ms. Mbelu considers her most notable achievement, in practicing what’s largely considered a noble profession, to be her longevity as a health care professional. In addition to her decades of service with her current employer, she previously garnered experience as a public health nurse. She prepared for her career by attending the University of Nigeria, the first indigenous and independent university in Nigeria, which is also modeled after the American higher education system. After graduating from the university in 1983, earning her BSN, Ms. Mbelu has since been the recipient of multiple awards and recognitions for her excellence as a professional nurse, both in the United States and Nigeria. She attributes her success in her career as an RN to her innate passion and love for her work, to which she brings her indomitable spirit and perseverance.

While growing up in Africa, Ms. Mbelu says she always possessed an innately caring nature toward others. Following her high school graduation, she discussed her future with her older sister, leading her to investigate nursing careers. Ms. Mbelu felt she was a perfect fit for nursing and was excited at the opportunity to employ her inherent compassion and care for people, especially at the most physically challenging times in their lives. Since discovering her field, she has never looked back.

Looking to the decade ahead, she plans to continue working at Blessed Manor LLC as an administrator, providing care and supporting her elderly clients. She always prioritizes providing the best service possible and notes that if she can ever do more for her clients, she does. Remarkably, two of Ms. Mbelu’s children were inspired by her example and are pursuing similar careers. She does what she can to guide her children and help them develop into their best selves, both personally and professionally, while giving them the benefit of her years of professional experience Honored to have the faith and respect of her clients, Ms. Mbelu is proud that many of her clients choose to stay under her care and have committed to remaining at Blessed Manor LLC for the rest of their lives. Every day, Ms. Mbelu works hard to improve the lives of her clients and contribute to their enduring happiness. She believes in pursuing continual improvement and professional development and notes that she has grown in many ways throughout her career. She makes a genuine effort to learn from every experience and opportunity and applies the same mindset to her work. Ms. Mbelu believes her empathy and tenacity set her apart from her nursing colleagues. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, including her husband and three children, as well as traveling


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