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Jennifer Green

In just two years since its inception, Procurall, under the visionary leadership of Jennifer Green, has helped redefine the paradigms of luxury and sustainability in the travel and hospitality industry. Her remarkable journey of more than 20 years in this profession, is a story of passion, innovation, and collective effort, leading to a series of significant milestones and acknowledgments. With Ms. Green’s wisdom plus direction, Procurall has quickly become a key player in the in-flight product experience sector, building on her vast knowledge and experience, including 15 years leading global business development and SCM at WESSCO International.

Procurall, a female-owned and led company, has rapidly risen as a beacon of innovation, particularly in the areas of circular manufacturing and regenerative materials. Ms. Green’s and the company’s dedication to crafting unique in-flight and on-ground experiences has not only enhanced customer care and comfort but has also set new standards in eco-design and sustainable supply chain management.

Passion and dedication have been the driving forces behind Procurall’s success, Ms. Green says, and her leadership has been recognized with numerous acknowledgments and awards, including being honored by Marquis Who’s Who of Professional Women and featured in the publication’s Millenium Magazine. She is a member of the Forbes Business Council, was recently named the IAOTP’s Top Co-Founder of the Year 2023, and her influence in her industry will be further celebrated with the Empowered Woman of the Year Award at IAOTP’s Annual Awards Gala in December 2024. These accolades reflect Ms. Green’s commitment to excellence and her ability to inspire and lead a team toward achieving remarkable goals.

The success of Procurall, with Ms. Green at the helm, is deeply rooted in the diverse and dynamic team of professionals who share a customer-centric vision. Each member has contributed significantly to the company’s achievements, bringing in-depth expertise in various product categories ranging from textiles to amenity kits to electronics. This collaborative spirit has been pivotal in fostering innovative partnerships and ensuring the sustainability of every product.

Under Ms. Green’s steady guidance, Procurall has partnered with airlines worldwide to launch vital and sustainable initiatives. They are as follows:

United Airlines: Introduced sustainable Business Class amenity kits on all Transcon routes, supporting new eco-friendly travel standards.

JetBlue: Collaborations include industry-firsts like biodegradable Agave cutlery, RPET blankets, and pillows for a green Buy-on-board program, and eco-earbuds in reusable RPET felt pouches.

JetBlue’s Mint Class: In partnership with Think Sound, launched the first-ever in-flight sustainable, noise-canceling headphones.

American Airlines: Developed upgraded economy-class earbuds made with over 90% recycled materials, reducing landfill waste.

Air Astana: Created an exclusive, limited edition eco-conscious premium class blanket.

Copa Airlines: Redesigned their bistro-inspired business-class dinner serviceware, aiding in fuel cost savings.

Ms. Green’s leadership at Procurall is a testament to her industry foresight and work ethic, and to her team’s dedicated contributions. The company’s accomplishments are driven by the innovative spirit of her colleagues and co-founder, which brings her overwhelming pride. She views Procurall as an expression of professional growth, personal fulfillment, and proof of her team’s shared vision and collaboration.

When taking time to rest, reflect, and reset, Ms. Green enjoys hiking with her 80-pound “lap dog” Thor, Pilates, attending concerts, and spending time at the beach or on the slopes with her daughter, Sierra. Looking ahead, she and her team at Procurall remain committed to fostering positive change in the travel and hospitality industry. With a focus on open dialogue and continuous innovation, Ms. Green and the company are poised to bring further recognition to the industry’s potential for a greener and more luxurious future. To learn more about the work of Procurall, visit the company’s website.


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