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Jennifer Green

Jennifer Green is the president and co-founder of Procurall Solutions, LLC, which she and her investor partner launched in 2022, specializing in meeting the unique airline travel and hospitality needs of its customers without relying on pre-made catalogs but rather working to develop and create in-flight products and experiences from scratch. The company’s team of skilled problem solvers is dedicated to ensuring that airlines are equipped to provide passengers with the most comfortable and enjoyable flight experience possible. In very short order, for dedication and exceptional work, Ms. Green and her team have received awards for having the best amenity kit, brand collaboration, and self goods program. As a female company owner in her field, a rarity, she prioritizes mentoring and advising young women starting in business to believe in themselves, have confidence in their abilities, believe that what they are doing is good and right despite naysayers, not be afraid to ask questions, never give up, and develop a no-fear mentality.

Procurall Solutions, LLC, operates in a highly specialized market with only a few global competitors, Ms. Green says, and one of her predecessors was a pioneering woman who introduced amenity kits on airplanes. Initially, brand partners wanted to follow the airlines’ approach, but as a groundbreaker, the forerunner introduced other brands, which ultimately led to the emergence of global companies bringing in diverse brands. This pushed industry players to work harder, be more innovative and creative, and explore new approaches to offer unique value to airlines, even when offering something that others already provide. Ms. Green’s main expertise in her company is sales and identifying opportunities between airlines and brands. Her creative storytelling narratives allow Procurall, LLC, to work with different sectors that the airline provides on board.

Ms. Green thrives the most on interacting with customers, going to trade shows, networking, finding solutions to everyday problems, and the sustainability of her industry. Her professional mottos are “We plan, perfect, produce, and provide,” and “We’re creating impactful partnerships with purpose.” Keeping these affirmations in mind for a current company project, Ms. Green and her team are developing a plastic-free cup for the airline industry and will introduce it soon at the most high-profile and significant airline trade show of the year in Hamburg, Germany. Her company is in the testing phase of the cup’s prototype.

Before starting Procurall Solutions, LLC, with her partner, Ms. Green held two longstanding roles at WESSCO International as the director of sales for airlines and for cruise lines and hotels after stints and stretches at other companies as a managing director of leasing, a property manager, an independent contractor, and in real estate. One of her most notable achievements, she recalls, was at WESSCO where she spearheaded a collaboration with American Airlines and Casper in 2017, developing all their bedding programs for airplane first-class and business-class sections.

Looking to the future, Ms. Green aims to grow Procurall Solutions, LLC, and leave a legacy for her daughter. She also wants to invest in a warehouse where the company can manage airline programs. Within the next year or two, she intends to explore the potential of her company to expand into cruise lines and hotels. Her goal is to build a strong team that takes a high-level approach and identifies opportunities in the industry that will enable the company to endure for generations—and perhaps indefinitely.

Working hard to serve her community as well, Ms. Green is a member of the United National Global Compact to encourage businesses worldwide to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies, volunteers with the Surfrider Foundation by picking up trash on the beach, makes monthly donations to Heifer International, and supports charities that feed people who are homeless. In her spare time, she enjoys Pilates, walking her dog, camping, going to concerts, performing community service with her daughter, communing with nature, and reading.

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