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Janet Holtzman Beattie

Proud to work for a company she admired, Janet Holtzman Beattie spent almost three decades with Touche & Ross & Co. and its later mergers before retiring in 1991. She started out as a corporate secretary with Touche & Ross & Co., after which she was promoted to administrative director. Ms. Beattie became the director of communications when the accounting company became Touche Ross International, and returned to the role of administrative director when they became Deloitte & Touche. During her time there, she also served as the editor of the Touche Ross International World View. The highlight of her career, however, was mentoring two other women in the field.

Ms. Beattie prepared for her endeavors by earning an Associate of Arts from Mount Marty College in 1949, and by completing postgraduate work at St. Xavier College from 1955 to 1957 and at Wright College in 1965. She then garnered hands-on experience as a paralegal at Petit, Olin & Safeblade and as a teacher at Watertown Public Schools in South Dakota.

Since retiring, Ms. Beattie has used the knowledge she accrued to help out in her community. She is currently a consultant for Catholic charities in Chicago, a board member of St. Benedict High School, and a board member of the Musician’s Club for Women. Additionally, Ms. Beattie was affiliated with the World Trade Club, the Beverly Art Center Players, and the Tenants Corp. In recognition of her efforts, she was honored with a Distinguished Service Award to Church and Community and induction into the Academy of Women Achievers by the YWCA in New York City.

If Ms. Beattie could offer some advice to the younger generations, it would be to read, which she believes is essential to effective communication. She would also stress the importance of being a team player.

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