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Jane O'Malley

After receiving a Bachelor of Science in music education from the University of New Hampshire and a Master of Science in music education from Queens College, Jane O’Malley went into the profession of selling bonds. Subsequent to the United States government stopping the printing of bonds, she decided to utilize her business acumen and shifted her business toward helping seniors with insurance-related procedures. Born in Gardner, Massachusetts, Ms. O’Malley attributes her success to having always been told that she is patient and persistent. In having a teaching background, she feels it is very helpful to the clients and she is able to break things down so they understand.

Ms. O’Malley became certified by all major insurance carriers and has been licensed in Florida, New York, North Carolina, New Jersey, Virginia, Maine, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. She now serves as an insurance broker, and an agent for Colombian Financial Group and Transamerica. Since 2015, she has also served as an independent senior health representative for Senior Services of North America. In her position, she helps seniors and clients with disabilities with their Medicare coverage. Although she has only been with Senior Services of North America for four years, she has grown her client base from 0 to over 400. Her client base is large enough that she is grateful to receive referrals; she is grateful that they think of her when talking to their friends. Ms. O’Malley enjoys helping clients understand complicated coverage options and finding the best plan that fits their individual needs.

Ms. O’Malley has specialized in Medicare and final expense for 23 years in the health and life insurance field. She offers unbiased assistance to the senior marketplace. Over the years, she has assisted hundreds of seniors with finding the most comprehensive, suitable and affordable coverage for their specific needs. As an insurance agent, she has also held prominent positions at Presidential Life, Financial Safety Net and USA Benefits Group. Most impressively, she has received numerous top sales awards throughout her career in light of her dedication to her work.

Before embarking on her current career path, Ms. O’Malley taught high school in New York in the summers from 1963 to 1968, and elementary and junior high school in Ohio from 1968 to 1970 before moving back to New York. Formerly active with the Sisters of the Good Shepherd from 1973 to 1985, she was a group home parent, where seven teen girls lived with her in Babylon Village, New York. After they got involved in their community, they would then come to her, where a staff of social workers supported her. Through this program, Ms. O’Malley also taught the girls how to cook and clean.

Civically, Ms. O’Malley gives seminars on Medicare services and presently serves as a cantor for her local church, for which she received the 50-Year Cantor Award. She has attributed her professional success to patience and persistence. Life has many twists and turns, and she has been lucky enough to find an open door when one closes. There are a couple of things that have motivated her in this profession; she embraces working with the senior population. This is a great business, in that as long as a client stays with her, she is able to receive residual compensation. She is also in a business that people need that makes her feel very valued. Ms. O’Malley is also grateful for her background in teaching, which allows her to easily interpret complicated insurance jargon to all clients.

There are many memorable moments in Ms. O’Malley’s career. Most recently, she had a client who was furloughed from her job for three months. On the 28th day of the third month, she lost her job and insurance coverage for her and her husband. Ms. O’Malley was able to get both signed up for Medicare and in a plan on the first of the next month, a three-day process that normally takes three weeks.

What separates Ms. O’Malley from others in her field is her compassion for my clients and she will go to every avenue to help solve a problem. She answers the phone or calls back within a short time to anyone who calls, and that is appreciated. She is there for her clients and she also makes a point to contact them throughout the year. Ms. O’Malley truly loves working with the senior market. Being a senior herself, she can relate to their concerns; often, they have many misconceptions and misinformation. The television and their friends are not always the best resources. She can use her skills to teach them what is correct. They are grateful for her expertise and patience with them.

For further information about Ms. O’Malley and Senior Services of North America, please visit https://www.janeomalleyinsurance.com.


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