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Irmaris Rosas-Nazario

As the president and chief executive officer of SPARTEK Engineering LLC, Irmaris Rosas-Nazario is responsible for recruiting new hires, managing her employees, processing payroll, handling contracts, and developing the business. Earlier in her career, she worked for a small startup company and gained experience handling contracts, finances, and human resources, which she later leveraged into founding her own company. Since starting SPARTEK Engineering LLC in 2020, Ms. Rosas-Nazario has overcome obstacles and transition periods, protecting her business and the livelihoods of her employees. She is the majority leader of the company, while her husband is the minority owner and vice president. As one part of a team, Ms. Rosas-Nazario handles administrative and business operations while her husband offers his technical knowledge and engineering expertise.

Ms. Rosas-Nazario believes her success is the result of her personality, attitude, and ability to respond to any situation while maintaining her positive outlook and outgoing nature. She credits being direct with helping her to network and establish solid relationships within her industry. Beginning her career as a grammar and writing teacher with the University of Puerto Rico, Ms. Rosas-Nazario authored “Testimonios Afro-Puertorriqueños: Using Oral History to (re)Write Race in Contemporary Puerto Rico” in 2007 and “Exploring the Writing Process Across Modalities: Learning in Face-to-Face and Online Classrooms” with ProQuest LLC in 2010. She worked as a contracts manager with Innoplex LLC from 2010 to 2017 and was a senior contracts manager with the same company from 2016 to 2018. Until 2020, Ms. Rosas-Nazario was a contracts manager with Fourth Dimension Engineering.

Committed to her professional advancement and education, Ms. Rosas-Nazario attended Universidad de Puerto Rico and earned a Bachelor of Arts in English linguistics with a minor in English education. As a graduate student, she studied English education for second language learners and graduated with a Master of Arts from Universidad de Puerto Rico. Among her vast professional credentials, Ms. Rosas-Nazario earned her secondary-level teaching certification in 2006 and her online instruction certification in 2007. In 2011, she completed a master’s certificate in government contracting at Villanova University, and in 2014, she earned certification in managing and writing federal proposals from Shipley Associates.

Ms. Rosas-Nazario is closely connected to multiple professional organizations in her field. Since 2017, she has been a member of the National Contract Management Association, an organization dedicated to the profession of contract management with more than 20,000 members. She became a member of the Project Management Institute Inc. in 2016 and has been affiliated with the Central Maryland Chapter of the Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association for more than 20 years. As a highlyactive participant in and contributor to her community, Ms. Rosas-Nazario has volunteered her spare time with HeroBox and Heroes on the Water and donated to The Purple Heart and the American National Red Cross. When she is not working or volunteering, she relishes time with her family and enjoys cooking, reading, coloring, painting, and hiking.

Ms. Rosas-Nazario approaches everything from the heart, including business. At SPARTEK Engineering LLC, she collaborates with her team of employees to deliver a wide array of services for her clients, including systems engineering, field deployment engineering, system administration, signals processing, system testing, hardware engineering, and software solutions. As a women and minority-owned small business, the company prides itself on its transparency and integrity.

Ms. Rosas-Nazario firmly believes that success in business is dependent on strong relationships and treating people well. She has maintained good faith and honesty in all her business dealings and has been gratified to see her work pay off. It all starts with caring deeply for her employees, taking an interest in their lives, and getting to know their families.


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