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Hardworking and passionate, Dianne Dillitzer has thrived as a reader/evaluator at Measurement, Inc. She joined the educational assessment services company in 2015 after previously serving in the same role at Pearson from 2009 to 2015 and at Measurement, Inc., from 2004 to 2008 and in 2002. Prior to this, Ms. Dillitzer garnered experience in roles such as computer laboratory assistant at Franklin Middle School, reading development instructional assistant at Hubble Middle School, receptionist and administrative assistant at Dain Bosworth, and administrative assistant at both Dolphin Temporaries and the First Trust Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. She has also served as a computer laboratory assistant at the College of St. Catherine and a word processing operator at Word Processors Personnel-ADIA and Debbie Temporaries.

To prepare for her endeavors, Ms. Dillitzer earned a Master of Arts in adult education and a Bachelor of Arts in applied behavioral sciences from National Lewis University in 2000 and 1998, respectively. She furthered her professional knowledge by obtaining an Associate of Applied Science from the St. Mary’s campus of the College of St. Catherine in 1991.

When Ms. Dillitzer isn’t working, she is volunteering at her church, the World Mission Society Church of God. The institution has received awards from the Queen of England, former president Barack Obama, and the United Nations for their volunteerism. Ms. Dillitzer also supports the charitable endeavors of organizations like Habitat for Humanity, the North Shore Animal League Anti-Cruelty Society, Paws Chicago, ASPCA, and Best Friend’s Animal Society. Notably, she completed a bike ride from Minnesota to Chicago to raise money for AIDS research in memory of her brother.

In recognition of her efforts, Ms. Dillitzer was honored with the Judson Bemis Visionary Award by the United Negro College Fund in 1995 and the Minority Leadership Award from the U.S. Achievement Academy in 1991. Other accolades include the Women’s Leadership Award from the Abigail Quigley Women’s Center, the Directors Award from the Minnesota Institute of Medical & Dental Careers, and inclusion in Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in the World, and Who’s Who of American Women.

If Ms. Dillitzer could offer some advice to the younger generations, it would be to think before acting. In her experience, so many people react instinctively to situations and then think later that they shouldn’t have done or said a particular thing. Ms. Dillitzer prefers to do the reverse; she ensures she remains thoughtful and mindful so that she’s in control no matter what’s thrown at her.


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