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Denise McCormick

Denise McCormick is an acclaimed and sought-after author, coach, consultant, and motivational and educational speaker. She travels to give presentations at book clubs, libraries, and schools, sharing the importance of a growth mindset, having faith over fear, and overcoming adversity to achieve success. Since 2018, she has reached professional pinnacles, becoming a No. 1 international bestselling author, speaker, educational coach, and consultant with her company, Success Mindset Mentorship LLC. In 2021, she authored “Never Mind the Monkey Mind” with Kate Butler Books. The book helps children learn to understand and disregard the negative mental chatter that all people deal with. “Never Mind the Monkey Mind” also includes an accompanying song, composed by Ms. McCormick, that helps children turn their negative thoughts into positive affirmations.

As a member of the World Class Speaker Society, Ms. McCormick helps support individuals seeking to develop a successful mindset. She specializes in discussing areas of education, as her background is in both public and higher education. From 1990 to 2012, she was an elementary school teacher in the Mount Pleasant Community School District. She spent an extended stint as a lecturer for reading and K-12 reading specialists at Iowa Wesleyan University, working as an educator with the institution from 2003 to 2013. At the University of Northern Iowa, Ms. McCormick garnered experience as a graduate instructor for the university’s Iowa Writing Project, which aims to empower teacher education and leadership by sharing real, evidence-based literacy practices. After becoming a certified Canfield trainer of The Success Principles through the Canfield Training Group in 2019, she went on to become a licensed leader with the Worldwide WomanSpeak Circle in 2021, a designation she holds to this day.

Since establishing herself through her skills and accomplishments in speaking, coaching, consulting, and writing, Ms. McCormick has been working as an associate producer on the Angela Sadler Williamson, PhD, documentary for PBS, titled “Authentic Conversations,” which includes interviews with Jack Canfield, co-author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and motivational speaker; with Patty Aubery, a co-author of several editions of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and brand builder; and Kate Butler, an actress, international speaker, success coach and author of the “Inspired Impact” series. As a four-time international bestselling author, Ms. McCormick has been recognized with a state award from the Iowa Council of Teachers of English Language Arts in 2000 for her contributions to literacy in the state of Iowa.

After more than 25 years working in the field of education, Ms. McCormick embarked on a journey of personal and professional growth, which has made her a better leader and led to her success. As a certified K-12 reading specialist, she understands the challenges educators face and is proud to work with other experts in education to overcome burnout and become exceptional leaders. In preparation for and in support of her pursuits, she earned a bachelor’s degree from Iowa Wesleyan College and a master’s degree, along with 45 extra hours of coursework, from Viterbo University. Further, Ms. McCormick has shared her expertise on numerous podcasts and television shows, including Dr. Angela Williamson’s podcast “Everybody with Angela Williamson” on KLCS PBS and “Dr. Sue and You.” She also has worked with her publisher, Kate Butler Books, appearing on the company’s television show.

Among her personal and career achievements, Ms. McCormick considers her proudest accomplishment to be her family. She has been married to John McCormick for more than 45 years. Lovingly, the couple has two daughters and five grandchildren. In her spare time, Ms. McCormick enjoys staying active by swimming, walking, practicing yoga, and exercising with her personal trainer. She also loves to travel, play the piano, and write music.


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