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Denise Andresen

Denise Andresen is renowned as a self-made entrepreneur and investor, specializing in real estate acquisitions and funding. A certified private money broker, she is additionally well versed in the Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing. She became involved in her career as a means to help others while achieving financial independence. Prior to this engagement, Ms. Andresen excelled in the construction industry, and worked with several large companies and even a school district.

In 2019, Ms. Andresen established Andden Investments LLC with the help of her husband and her sister in the basement of her rental condominium, utilizing every cent available of her savings and credit. In just under a year, the business has grown to include an investment loan-funding subsidiary, and a real estate fix and flip platform. Initially, she began the company by buying homes that were in need of rehabilitation. She would live in the home and repair as needed with the ultimate goal of selling the house for profit towards the end. After realizing this was a sure success, she decided to utilize this method for a primary business endeavor. Today, Ms. Andresen is mainly responsible for day-to-day operations on the real estate side of the business, and conducts much of the work of rehabilitating and assessing properties.

In a career filled with several achievements, Ms. Andresen is most proud of being able to assist many people and also being able to receive that one loan when everyone else turned them down, which gave her an ultimate feeling of satisfaction. In particular, she was contacted by a Canadian builder, who was in need of funding and was in the middle of completing a project. After reaching out to numerous lenders and receiving denials, she was able to secure a lender that provides funding to companies internationally and the builder was then able to complete his project. Not only was this a satisfying moment for her, but her work was appreciated by the project manager, who she later built a great professional relationship with. An active volunteer for Solid Rock Christian Center, Ms. Andresen is active as a member of the Professional Organization of Women for Excellence.

As Andden Investments LLC’s financial projections remain positive, Ms. Andresen hopes to double the company’s profits in the next year. Passionate about being a helping hand to others, she solely driven by this aspect as opposed to financial gain. She attributes her professional success to the support of her business partners, as well as to her dedication to using her own experiences as a lending consumer to help others accomplish their goals. Ms. Andresen is a living testament that anything is possible, even if some roadblocks attempt to hinder the process along the way. Throughout owning and operating her business, she has struggled with an autoimmune disease that affects her lungs and her breathing. However, she did not allow this to halt her progression.

Ms. Andresen is happy to be working in the field and takes pride in knowing that she is actually a part of the solution for individuals who struggle either with financial hardships or other personal issues that stop them from achieving their dreams of being homeowners. Outside of her professional endeavors, Ms. Andresen enjoys building furniture, painting and spending time in her indoor garden. Currently, she is building a pool rack for her husband from scratch. Looking to the future, she would like to pursue a professional offer from a client in Florida, in which she assists in building sustainable, dependable, energy efficient and affordable housing for low income families. Eventually, she would like to retire and live on a farm.


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