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After working in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 10 years, Demetria K. Davenport, LMT, decided to become an entrepreneur in order to pursue her aspirations. She subsequently earned a manicure license from Michigan College of Beauty and was encouraged by a coworker to venture into the field massage therapy. She later received a massage therapy certification from the Stassios Institute of Therapeutic Massage as well as additional certifications in joint replacement therapy, shoulder rehabilitation and pain management. Ms. Davenport also recently completed the Goldman Sachs entrepreneurship training program.

With many qualifications to her credit, Ms. Davenport has found success as the owner and operator of Luxurious Essentials Massage Spa for nearly 15 years, where she specializes massage, facials and body wraps. In her present position, she evaluates her clients’ ailments and develops treatment plans that specify which types of massage should be utilized to treat them. She expertly applies her massage techniques in order to provide treatment for medical conditions, injuries and wellness maintenance. Ms. Davenport also consults with other health care professionals such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, physicians, and psychologists in order to develop quality treatment plans for her clients.

In order to remain aware of developments in the field, Ms. Davenport attends continuing education and training sessions. As an expert in her field, she accepted the Best of Southfield Award in the Massage Therapy, and she has been featured in numerous publications, including the Women of Distinction Magazine and America’s Leading Ladies Book. Her business was recently recognized as a “Best Of” establishment in 2020. Furthermore, Ms. Davenport is incredibly proud to have maintained a successful business for over a decade. She takes great joy in helping others and working to ensure that each of her clients feel better after visiting her establishment.

When it comes to maintaining success in the field, Ms. Davenport emphasizes the importance of being professional and knowledgeable as you never know who could be watching. As such, she maintains professional affiliation with the Better Business Bureau, as an accredited member, and Women of Excellence. She has strived throughout her career to follow her mother’s advice to always do things right the first time so that you don’t have to go back and start over. As a mentor to young women who are aspiring to succeed in the beauty industry, she also notes that you are never too old to pursue your dreams. In the coming years, Ms. Davenport plans to begin a secondary career as a public speaker while mentoring the next generations of professionals in the field and helping them to understand the reality of getting clients and keeping them.

In addition, Ms. Davenport is active in a number of charitable endeavors both in her local community and nationwide, including donating water to Flint, Michigan. She has also donated blankets and clothes to homeless shelters in her area and non-perishable food items to local food banks. In her free time, she enjoys spending quality time with friends and family and keeping culturally informed by reading, traveling and watching movies.


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