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Daveline Ching

After receiving a cancer diagnosis in 1996, Daveline Ching was greatly aided on her journey to recovery by the American Cancer Society. For 10 years, she battled thyroid cancer, and developed a rare and almost unknown disease that paralyzed her from the waist down. With help from the American Cancer Society, she was able to receive treatment at the Mayo Clinic, where she was diagnosed with Stiffman’s Syndrome. Now cancer and Stiffman’s free, Ms. Ching dedicates her time and resources to contributing to others in the same way that the American Cancer Society had supported her.

As an inspirational speaker and Hero of Hope, Ms. Ching represents the American Cancer Society’s Hawaii and Guam chapters at various conferences, inspiring others while affirming the society’s mission. Through her role, she raises awareness for cancer by telling others about her personal experiences. She additionally participates in all Relay for Life activities, as well as health fairs and Hope Lodge Hawaii. A 25-year cancer survivor, her hope is Jesus. Although her career has been filled with highlights, Ms. Ching is most proud of providing others with the strength that they need to carry on their own battles.

Ms. Ching attributes her success to the strength and wisdom from the Lord. Additionally, she received constant encouragement and inspiration from her mother Rose Sameshima. Ms. Sameshima had breast cancer and survived through it for more than 40 years.

Before embarking on her professional journey, Ms. Ching became licensed as a practical nurse through Kapiolani Community College in 1972. Outside of her primary responsibilities, she remains affiliated with New Hope Legacy Church and is a competitor in the Wahine Polo Tournament at Wai kee Ranch, where she also opens the tournament with a prayer and singing the national and Hawaii state anthems. In light of her professional achievements, she was recognized as a Rising Star by Relay for Life in 2019. In the near future, Ms. Ching intends to continue inspiring others in her work with the American Cancer Society.

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