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Cynthia Allen

Supported by an extensive background in event planning, Cynthia A. Allen—awarded an honorary Doctor of Humanities in 2021 from Leaders Esteem Christian Bible University—serves as the founder and chief executive officer of the eponymous C. Allen Productions Unlimited, Inc. Established in 2001, her company provides event planning, promotional materials, and consultative services for clients. Ms. Allen, in particular, is responsible for organizing events and concerts, donating portions of event proceeds to various nonprofit organizations, and overseeing all daily operations of the company. In addition to this professional endeavor, Ms. Allen is an editorial writer for Jamsource Runway Fashion Source Magazine.

Equally dedicated to community and civic service, Ms. Allen has served on the boards of numerous nonprofit organizations, many of which have been assisted by proceeds raised from C. Allen Productions Unlimited, Inc. To wit, she is a steadfast advocate of raising awareness and providing assistance for women and children survivors of domestic violence as well as raising funds for scholarships for students with disabilities. Some boards of which Ms. Allen is a member include SAFE Diversity Communities and No Sister Left Behind. She is also the executive director and a board member of a 24-hour crisis hotline. Furthermore, Ms. Allen helps programs that provide mentorship and scholarships to young girls in the STEM fields. She is a past president of the Rose B. Johnson Colon Cancer Awareness Foundation, serving the foundation between 2019 and 2022; a past board member of the George Washington Institute of Excellence; and a past president of her church’s usher board. Ms. Allen additionally maintains an active involvement with her local Chamber of Commerce and the NAACP.

For her success, Ms. Allen cites her determination to move forward, even in the face of adversity, and her persistence. Although she has experienced many career achievements, she is particularly proud helping people throughout her career. Notably, she previously organized an elaborate retirement party for a friend who was a revered, Grammy-nominated, and Stellar Award-nominated artist. Ms. Allen coordinated with the City of Tupelo, Mississippi, and the Alzheimer’s Association to sponsor the retirement party, featuring Miss Black Mississippi as a special guest. To this end, several prestigious artists attended the retirement party, which garnered financial support for the City of Tupelo. Further, Ms. Allen is gratified by her tenure as the past president of the Rose B. Johnson Colon Cancer Awareness Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides testing and screening for colon cancer. A staunch and active proponent of cancer screenings and their accessibility, Ms. Allen has always stressed the importance of early detection.

Earlier in her professional journey, Ms. Allen spent more than 15 years in the health care industry before delving into nonprofit management and event planning. As a testament to her success, in addition to her honorary doctorate, she has received accolades and honors, including the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Volunteer Service Award from Leaders Esteem Christian Bible University in 2021 and several congressional and statewide recognitions in light of her community service. In this regard, she was presented with Congressional Recognition Awards from Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, Congressman Al Green, and State Representative Ron Reynolds.

In the coming years, Ms. Allen endeavors to continue event planning and serving as a beacon of support for the charities and causes that she deems significant. She particularly wants to help more women and children survivors of domestic violence. Ms. Allen lives and works by the familiar saying, “People will forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

Married to Danny since 1978, Ms. Allen has two children, Kimetra and Ledaniel. She also has five grandchildren, consisting of twin granddaughters and three grandsons.


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