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Cindy Adler

After earning a degree in special education, working in that capacity for years, then later becoming a paralegal, Cindy B. Adler sought a different career. In time, she unwittingly found a profession that would become her permanent calling. She had a friend who owned a leasing company in Beverly Hills, California, and joined as a partner in the business with no knowledge of the industry. Sadly, her friend died a few months after the partnership, and Ms. Adler met and relied on very supportive people who helped teach her the business and brought her up to speed. Absorbing everything she learned while gaining and skillfully applying the invaluable experience in the years that followed, Ms. Adler has flourished as the president of Alliance Leasing & Financial Services, Inc., in Phoenix, Arizona, since 1995.  In 2022, she was named one of the Top 10 Inspiring Women Leaders by Industry Era Magazine published by IEra Women Leaders, which features high-level executives and pioneers in business.

Motivated by her motto, “Let us help you grow,” at Alliance Leasing & Financial Services, Inc., Ms. Adler provides money to businesses that seek to acquire and purchase equipment for their respective purposes. Working with all types of companies, she and her team offer personalized financial solutions to business owners while collaborating with ten different underwriters as well as funding their own transactions. Certified in 2006 by, and a still member of, the American Association of Commercial Finance Brokers, Ms. Adler cites Alliance’s most notable achievement as its steady growth and ability to adapt to and endure a variety of circumstances through the years, including staying open during the entire COVID-19 pandemic.

Ms. Adler cites having a strong, nonstop work ethic instilled by her father at a young age. Being a flexible and fair person, she continually strives to be a good example for her daughter, Karina, and grandchildren, Jaxon and Makenzie—the primary keys to her success. Her life partner, Vincent King, also adds to her strength and determination. Valuing education early on, Ms. Adler earned a Bachelor of Arts in education from Arizona State University in 1979.

In the coming years at Alliance Leasing & Financial Services, Inc., Ms. Adler wants to focus more on marketing, creative projects, and taking further advantage of emerging technology. On the personal side, she expects to slightly scale back her business responsibilities to increase quality time with her family and travel more extensively. Moreover, Ms. Adler plans to devote more time to community service and currently volunteers with Hospice of the Valley. In her leisure time, she enjoys biking and practicing Pilates.


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