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Christine Wetzel

Inspired from childhood by all things interior design, Christine Wetzel fondly recalls her role model mother being “like Martha Stewart,” upholstering furniture, making drapes, and mastering many other projects to beautify their home. In adulthood, Ms. Wetzel, a native of Bronxville, New York, earned a bachelor’s degree in 1986 from Denison University and worked in advertising for six years before realizing that profession was not her calling. Intent on pursuing her original, true passion, Ms. Wetzel returned to school and earned a degree in interior design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 1996, landing her first client before she graduated.

Since then, Ms. Wetzel has built and been working in the career of her dreams as the owner and interior designer of Christine Wetzel Design based in Westchester County in New York. At her firm, she is responsible for every detail of all interior and residential projects, from design to scheduling, and finds great reward in meeting and interacting with diverse people, whom she considers more than clients, as well as visiting and experiencing a variety of homes. Celebrated for her expertise, professional prowess, and commitment, Ms. Wetzel was named the winner at the Design Awards by Westchester Home Magazine in 2021, was a runner-up for the award in 2022, and was featured in Bravo $25 Million Listing.

Among more of Ms. Wetzel’s notable achievements was overseeing a major renovation project in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite facing numerous supply chain challenges, she remained patient and determined to ensure every task was executed correctly. She dedicated herself to understanding the supply chain and figuring out how to organize every process. Ultimately, amid chaotic circumstances, Ms. Wetzel completed the enormous job and received kudos for her accomplishment.

Also memorable, she says, was when she worked with a client who was experiencing divorce, and Ms. Wetzel brought her own dog with her during the work session for comfort. The client’s child was initially afraid of the dog. However, with time, the child’s fear abated to the extent of developing a love for and eventually pursuing a career working with animals, positively impacting her life.

Ms. Wetzel credits her success to her unwavering persistence. Returning to school to switch careers while juggling motherhood was a formidable challenge that failed to deter her, as her two children have always been her primary source of motivation to succeed and to help them become capable, strong adults. Her accomplishments also are the result of her friendly and approachable personality, as told by clients, noting that she focuses on making people feel comfortable. Ms. Wetzel’s guiding philosophy is centered around prioritizing her clients’ preferences. As she often says, “I love where I live. I want you to love where you live, but I don’t live here. It is all for you.”

During Ms. Wetzel’s nearly three decades in interior design, the lessons she has learned that have most benefited her career growth are to stay updated with the latest trends and always think creatively to come up with unique designs. Moreover, it is just as important for her to consider the longevity of her designs and ensure that her clients will be happy with their spaces for years to come. This means considering key factors, including the client’s changing needs, such as a growing family, downsizing, budget, and more. Further, Ms. Wetzel understands the importance of respecting her clients’ privacy and homes and takes great care when working in their personal spaces.

Pondering the next decade, Ms. Wetzel’s goal is to continue successfully running Christine Wetzel Design. Unable to imagine future retirement, she plans to stay busy and keep her clients happy while enjoying leisure time traveling and reading.


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