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Chloe Faith Kuehn, RN, is a dedicated registered nurse and administrator building her career in helping provide high-quality care for senior citizens and active adults with medical support needs. Since 2019, Ms. Kuehn has been a patient care team manager at McKendree Village, a continuing care retirement community serving residents with long-term support, physical therapy, and memory care needs.

Her path to a career in medicine was not always straightforward: diagnosed with a learning disability at a young age, Ms. Kuehn often found school to be a challenge. She first developed an interest in nursing during a fourth grade field trip, declaring that she would grow up to become a nurse as soon as she arrived home. Her newfound ambition helped her refocus on school to ensure that she would have the grades to pursue her dream and attend nursing school. After graduating high school in 2010, she enrolled at Wesley College with an undeclared major, planning to test into the school’s nursing program after establishing her GPA. Despite facing some early academic stumbling blocks and discouragement from her professors, Ms. Kuehn went on to earn an Associate of Nursing from Harrisburg Area Community College.

In 2017, Ms. Kuehn earned her registered nurse designation, expanding on her earlier licensed practical nurse credential and certification from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. She began her career as a nurse for StoneRidge Retirement Living after the community’s executive director extended her the opportunity to interview for a position. Ms. Kuehn quickly hit her stride at StoneRidge Retirement Living, finding genuine meaning in empowering seniors to continue fulfilling and pain-free lives, and discovering a natural talent for the diverse skills and attention to detail required as a nurse. Recognizing her own growth as a professional and encouraged to look for a new opportunity by her friends and colleagues, Ms. Kuehn decided to apply for her current position at McKendree Village in early 2019.

As the patient care team manager for McKendree Village, Ms. Kuehn works directly with the community’s director of nursing, who she considers to be her professional mentor, to support the nursing and care staff and advocate for patients’ needs. In addition to her administrative role, she remains responsible for maintaining infection prevention and hygiene standards and conducting pre-admission medical screening of patients. Ms. Kuehn hopes to remain at McKendree Village for several more years, emphasizing that she feels that there is still much to learn from the setting and her team.


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