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Carson N. Cash King, Esq. is an attorney building her career in business and contract law currently serving as the director of legal and business affairs at Cash Environmental Resources, LLC. Her interest in the legal field was inspired by her family. Her parents were strong advocates for underserved children and youth, and her mother served on the local school board, modeling compassion and community involvement in action to a Ms. King from a young age.

While she started life with a strong sense of justice and a desire to speak out against injustices, her decision to pursue a career in law was cemented by a traumatic experience as a teen. While riding the bus home from high school, her younger sister, who has Down syndrome, was sexually assaulted by another student. Following the assault, she began carrying a knife to school for self-defense, which led to her arrest under the school’s zero-tolerance policies despite her intentions being nonviolent. The same officer later issued a warrant for Ms. King’s arrest, and she remembers the process of turning herself in, providing testimony, and hearing the stories of other victims as a profoundly formative experience.

Her early experiences in the criminal justice system sparked Ms. King’s desire to help others in the same position and to do pro bono work for those who cannot afford representation. She attended Texas Christian University, graduating in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in political science and government, and went on to the Cumberland School of Law at Samford University, where she completed her Doctor of Jurisprudence in 2018. During her final year of law school, Ms. King was a legal clerk for the Honorable Clyde Eugene Jones of the Tenth Circuit Court of Alabama, which led to a legal internship in the Jefferson County District Attorney’s office following her graduation. She went on to pursue an externship with the federal public defender for the United States District Court for the District of Kansas in late 2018. The following year, she returned to Alabama to accept her current role with Cash Environmental Resources, a family-owned demolition and site management company started by her parents in 1997.

As the director of legal and  business affairs for Cash Environmental Resources, Ms. King is responsible for managing the company’s human resources functions, offering legal counsel, and managing compliance for the company and its four subsidiaries. In addition to her work for Cash Environmental Resources, she has been a trustee of the Cash Family Charitable Foundation since 2014, and is an active supporter of many charities serving children and adults with disabilities. A member of the American Bar Association and a contributor to the local legal community, Ms. King has also provided grading services to Themis Bar Review each year since 2019.

Ms. King attributes her success to her parents, who encouraged and empowered her to develop her skills and think independently even as a young child. Her personal philosophy is to never let a setback discourage her from pursuing her goals, and hopes to eventually be recognized as an authentic and dedicated professional with a commitment to excellence. As an early-career attorney, Ms. King hopes to continue her success and professional growth in the years to come.


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