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Encouraged to pursue sociology, Carolyn Perrucci quickly found the field to be the perfect fit. It combined her passion for helping people with her interest in human relationships and cultures, and allowed her to be part of the fight to lessen inequality in the world. She started by earning a Bachelor of Science at Middle Tennessee University, after which she was offered a 3-year fellowship at Purdue University. Dr. Perrucci proceeded to obtain a Master of Science and a PhD from the school, where she really found a home. She was asked to stay and join the staff when she graduated, and has been there ever since.

During her time at Purdue University, Dr. Perrucci has served as an assistant sociology professor, an associate sociology professor, the chairman of the Women’s Studies Program, the head of the Sociology Department, and the director of the Sociology Undergraduate Program. She has also been an assistant equal opportunity employment officer and an associate dean of the graduate school. Now, Dr. Perrucci is lending her skills to the school as a professor of sociology. She has held the position since 1986.

To connect with her peers and stay on top of developments in sociology, Dr. Perrucci joined prominent organizations like the National Council on Family Relations, the Society for the Study Social Problems, the American Sociological Association, the North Central Sociological Association, and Sociologists for Women in Society. Additionally, she shared her findings and experiences in “America at Risk,” “Transformation of Work in the New Economy,” “Plant Closings,” “Women in Scientific and Engineering Professions,” and “Marriage and the Family,” and held editorial roles at the Journal of Family Issues and The Sociological Quarterly. Her efforts resulted in the Distinguished Woman Scholar Award, the Violet Haas Recognition Award, the Outstanding Scholarly Achievement Award, the Outstanding Teaching Award, and the Schleman Gold Medallion Award.

Outside of her work, Dr. Perrucci is involved in gardening. She has been a master gardener for the Purdue Cooperative Extension Service since 2009.


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