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Capiz Calloway

Since 2008, Capiz K. Calloway has been the vice president of Advanced Financial Strategies. Alongside this position, she is a business development consultant with the company, carefully constructing crucial plans for her clients. Believing strongly that her caring attitude has contributed to her professional success, Ms. Calloway also has applied her varied expertise for more than 16 years to her role as an investment management consultant for Raymond James Financial Inc. She considers this position to be that of a translator, as she is responsible for making sense of a sea of information and noise so she can share meaningful insights with her clients. Ms. Calloway recognizes the significance of her contributions to her clients’ lives, and, without reservation, guarantees that no one is more invested in their futures and well-being than she is.

Previously, Ms. Calloway worked as a senior production coordinator for Specialized Title Services Inc. from 1998 to 2009. She prepared well for her career at the Atlanta International School, where she completed coursework in 1998, and later finished additional studies in diplomacy at American University. In 2005, she graduated magna cum laude from Georgia State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in international business management. Committed to her continuing professional development, Ms. Calloway earned the designation of certified financial planner (CFP) and is credentialed in life insurance, accidental insurance, sickness, and variable insurance. She has completed her FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) Series 7, Series 9, and Series 10 examinations. Throughout her career, she has secured licensure in 11 states and has extensive national professional experience.

In balance with her work and personal life, Ms. Calloway is active in her community through her involvement with multiple civic organizations. She maintains affiliation with the American Civil Liberties Union, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the Planned Parenthood Federation of America Inc. Further, Ms. Calloway is a member of the Atlanta International School Alumni Association and the Golden Key International Honor Society and contributes to the Oakland Cemetery. Her goal is to expand her work team so she can focus even more on her community involvement.

Throughout her professional experience, Ms. Calloway has learned the importance of effective communication with her clients. She knows that each individual requires a different style and approach. While making every effort to understand her clients to better serve their needs, Ms. Calloway is grateful for the rapport and trust she has built, which has always been part of her unique professional vision. She is lauded for giving every client equal attention, making each person feel valued and cared for, and working tirelessly to help those who are often neglected rather than working only with high-net-worth clients.

Raised in a family of female pioneers in her industry, Ms. Calloway hails directly from a third generation of women in finance. Her grandmother, who pursued finance as a second career in her 60s, was the original bond trader hired by the partners of the company that became Invesco. Although the number of women in finance is increasing, Ms. Calloway notes that the field remains mostly male. Among her clients, for example, are women enduring a divorce—a challenge with which Ms. Calloway has personal experience. Ultimately, she aims to enable and empower more women to achieve financial independence and confidence.

Overall, Ms. Calloway is proud of her ability to help business owners and individuals overcome obstacles and use their money effectively. Away from work, she spends time singing by utilizing her opera training, traveling, dancing, attending concerts, exploring, meeting people, attending art festivals, reading, writing, and frequenting restaurants.


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