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Bryn Ramjoue

Bryn F. Ramjoue was inspired to a career in marketing by her late father, Elton Frazier, who she describes as an “old-fashioned PR guy.” Deciding to follow in her father’s footsteps, she began her career after earning a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Utah in 1986. In 1990, she joined AT&T Wireless, rising through the ranks to become the national advertising manager before she left the company in 2003. During this time, Ms. Ramjoue furthered her education at Antioch University Seattle, where she earned a Master of Science in 1998.

Holding considerable expertise in marketing, Ms. Ramjoue has accomplished much over the course of her career. Throughout her tenure with AT&T, she was closely involved in the major transitions that came about in the industry during the ‘90s and early ‘00s due to the rise in prominence of both mobile phones and the internet. She recalls a particular moment on a TV shoot with her then boss that really cemented to her how far she had come in the field. Ms. Ramjoue’s boss took her aside and essentially told her, “I want you to do my job today,” and once she started the work, she realized that she already knew how to do it and, not only that, but it felt like an entirely natural fit as well.

After spending several years as the owner of an award-winning advertising agency, Ms. Ramjoue joined the University of Utah’s Red Butte Garden as the director of communications from 2009 to 2018, and also taught various professional education courses. In 2018, she achieved the position of director of marketing with my529, a nonprofit organization previously known as the Utah Educational Savings Plan. Known for their investment options, stewardship and low fees, my529 provides numerous options to people who are looking to create savings toward higher education. As the marketing director for this complex financial tool, Ms. Ramjoue is directly responsible for managing and overseeing the marketing and advertising team, employer and financial adviser relationships, and managing the children’s savings accounts all while ensuring that the 529 plans are accessible and easy to understand.

In her time at my529, Ms. Ramjoue has been greatly impacted by the support and mentorship of Richard Ellis, company’s executive director. She notes that Mr. Ellis has always made her feel appreciated within the company through the value he places on the input she provides. Looking toward the future, Ms. Ramjoue’s goal is to help my529 to become one of the easiest and best savings plans to work with, ultimately becoming even better than a 401k. Furthermore, she has set her sights on her eventual retirement, at which time she hopes to have the opportunity to travel the world and perhaps start a podcast.

Attributing much of her success to her desire for independence in all things, Ms. Ramjoue has made a name for herself as someone who has a knack for making complicated things simple through breaking down large amounts of information into clear and easily understandable bites. She has been continually motived by the fact that she finds her job to be incredibly fun and also notes the importance of always asking questions to keep learning throughout your career. Alongside her primary responsibilities, Ms. Ramjoue has spent time leading the external communications committee for the College Savings Plan Network, on the board of the Utah Arts Collective, and, in 2010, she founded Smart Women in Marketing, which seeks to support women professionals in the field of marketing.

For her excellence, Ms. Ramjoue has been the recipient of a number of honors and accolades, including being named Ad Professional of the Year by the Utah chapter of the American Advertising Federation in 2002. Another early achievement of hers was brokering the very first sponsorship between the Seattle Mariners and AT&T. In 2012, she was named one of 30 Women to Watch by the Utah Business magazine, which later named her to the Top Sales in Marketing list in 2021. Above everything, Ms. Ramjoue hopes to leave a legacy as a highly capable professional who helped people to feel better about themselves.


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