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Beverly “BJ” Miller is a PGA and LPGA golf professional and the current head golf professional at the Four Seasons Country Club, a role she has held since 2018. As head golf professional at the country club, Ms. Miller is responsible for overseeing the golf course facilities and tournaments, as well as managing the club’s pro shop and merchandise businesses. The primary focus of her work as a golf professional is teaching and coaching others in the sport. As both an LPGA and PGA professional, Ms. Miller works with male and female golfers of all ages and ability levels, including junior and senior players. In addition to teaching and coaching casual players, Ms. Miller works closely with young girls who hope to earn golf scholarships or are pre-professional players.

Ms. Miller discovered her love for golf at a young age and quickly proved to be a talented player. Her first interaction with a golf professional came when she was asked by an acquaintance if she could help teach their neighbors how to golf. She agreed to take lessons with them but found herself offended and disappointed by the golf professional’s skills and manner. The PGA professional that the group had hired was rude, abrasive, and dismissive, making comments about the students’ weight and ability while clearly favoring one participant. The experience motivated her to provide a better experience, and she felt that teaching was “stuck in her head” from that point forward. Ms. Miller pursued college coursework and continued her sports career, playing golf at the college level for one year before turning her focus to other career pursuits.

As the mother of four children, Ms. Miller temporarily shelved her athletic ambitions to build her career in other areas and provide for her family. After leaving college, she worked in retail management for 20 years, running and managing a grocery store. Once her children had grown up, Ms. Miller realized that she could return to her first love, golf, and wanted to pursue her original dream of teaching others in a way that would impart her own passion for the sport.

Since returning to the golf world professionally, Ms. Miller has been extremely active in the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) and its regional branches, holding leadership roles and mentoring others as a part of the organization. She is a member of both the LPGA and the PGA of America and served proudly as president of the Midwest chapter of LPGA for 14 years. In recognition of her dedication to the golf community and to promoting the sport as an instructor, Ms. Miller has been recognized as an LPGA Top 50 National Teacher every year since 2007.

Ms. Miller credits her success to her passion for the game and the support of her family, who helped her realize her ambitions to return to athletics. She looks forward to being able to continue her career for many years and continue to give back to the LPGA in return for the benefits that her participation has provided her. Ms. Miller’s professional philosophy is to treat each student fairly and with the respect that she hopes to receive herself, and she strongly believes that anyone can learn to play and achieve at a high level with commitment and ambition, stating that “with a dream, anything is possible.”


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