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After working in Texas as a registered nurse for many years, Dr. Bellany Brisbon was called by the Lord to give glory to Him through music. In 2014, she became a pastor for the Hear Jesus Network, a ministry that puts the word of the Lord first through a variety of networking and community events, Bible studies and church services, among others. In addition to her work with the Hear Jesus Network, Dr. Brisbon channels her love of God into her work as a speaker with Glory 98.5, where she began in 2016.

Before being called upon by God, Dr. Brisbon earned a Bachelor of Science in biology and became an associate registered nurse through Francis Marion University in 1996 and 1999, respectively. Subsequently, she became certified in ministry in 2014 and received a doctorate in 2018. Dedicated to her community, Dr. Brisbon devotes herself to various ministries in the area, as well as the Animal Prevention & Awareness Program and the Domestic Violence & Awareness Program.

Inspired by her love of God, Dr. Brisbon authored “Prayers to Release You from Bondage, Recover You and Make You Well in Jesus Name,” which was chosen for display at the Florence Library in 2015, as well as the song “Be a Sheep.” For her outstanding work, she was presented with the Akademia Music Award in 2016. Looking toward the future, Dr. Brisbon aims to obtain her own building and land through which she can continue giving to the Lord.


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