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Aren Anderton

Possessing extensive experience in every aspect of the mortgage industry, Aren G. Anderton has exceptional expertise in secondary markets, forensic reviews, securitizations, corporate training with due diligence reviews, and technology building for a new company. Based in Townsend, Tennessee, she recently took on two new roles as the executive vice president of asset management operations at Invigorate Finance and as a product owner and manager with LauraMac.

As a mortgage specialist, Ms. Anderton is responsible for and highly focused on managing her clients. Using a mortgage-based technology platform, she believes that providing outstanding customer service is paramount. The financial industry took notice and rewarded her for her professionalism, dedication, and excellence when she was named one of the Elite Women of 2021 by the worldwide authority Mortgage Professional America, regarded as a trusted source of news, opinion, and analysis. Due to her wealth of knowledge, Ms. Anderton also was featured in an article published by HousingWire, another prominent resource in the housing sector.

A proud wife and the mother of one child, Ms. Anderton largely attributes her success to her daughter, the person who she says keeps her motivated and moving forward. “All I ever wanted was for my daughter to be proud of me,” she warmly declares. Ms. Anderton believes another key to her accomplishments is a personal characteristic that she takes very seriously daily in her profession: having genuine compassion for people. Valuing work-life balance, the native of Bowie, Maryland, enjoys hiking with her daughter and son-in-law and is a wildlife photography enthusiast. Ms. Anderton’s love for wildlife extends to supporting the efforts of the Appalachian Bear Rescue near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in her Townsend, Tennessee, community.

Prior to her current executive leadership positions, Ms. Anderton spent an extensive career in varied capacities that have culminated in how she wisely and confidently approaches her work today. She ran the largest department at SitusAMC, an independent provider of solutions to the commercial and residential real estate finance industries. During her years at SitusAMC, she was an underwriter and manager of 600 employees, the senior director of residential new origination services, and the director of training and development and credit client services as well as vice president of client services. Additionally, she was a forensic underwriter for the Bank of America Corporation after her stint as a transaction manager and securitization underwriter at Clayton, a company that provides residential due diligence and commercial loan advisory solutions.

Even with the respect she has garnered in her industry and from colleagues through her continuing professional achievements, within the next few years, Ms. Anderton, who holds an associate degree from Auburn University, plans to return to college to earn a bachelor’s degree. Reaching this goal is important to her years after she recalls pausing her studies when her father fell ill, causing her to return home to help him.


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