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Annie Minogue

Music has been calling out to rock maven and recording artist Annie Minogue all her life, and she has never stopped answering. Ms. Minogue has been the driving force as frontwoman, songwriter and singer of the Annie Minogue Band (AMB) – an award-winning, critically acclaimed band that also features drummer Nick Saya, guitarist and vocalist Nunzio Signore, bass player Brian Karp, and keyboardist Kendall Scott. As one writer observed, AMB “exudes an electrifying and captivating essence, masterfully blending a bold rock spirit, a keen pop sensibility, and a touch of the blues, a fusion that evokes the essence of iconic female rock legends.”

As the driving force behind AMB, Ms. Minogue is responsible for managing all the band’s business from the ground up. Her diligence behind the scenes helped to usher AMB into the rare public air of winning the Best Rock Song category at the World Songwriting Awards in 2021 for the band’s song “Sandbox,” which reached No. 1 on the World Indie Radio Charts and No. 2 on the European Indie Radio Charts. Ms. Minogue believes she has realized success in the music industry through her unyielding perseverance and dedication while standing by her motto that advises, “New artists should have faith in themselves, remain authentic, stay true to their essence, and the rest will naturally fall into place.”

Proud of her band’s ongoing achievements and rapport with audiences, Ms. Minogue reports that AMB is in the process of completing their fourth record while maintaining a touring schedule in support of their upcoming release. During their travels, the band members have been honored to perform alongside music legends, David Lee Roth, The Smithereens, Blues Traveler, Chris Whitley, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, among others. Ms. Minogue is eager to complete the band’s latest album, “Suburbia,” and wants AMB to tour Europe, where the band has a distribution deal.

Combining her musical prowess with causes close to her heart, Ms. Minogue co-developed and produced with her multitalented sister, Meredith Minogue, two celebrated concert series focused on promoting social justice and advocacy that they plan to expand. The first, known as “Fair Play,” is sponsored by City Winery and benefits the Bronx Immigration Partnership, which provides legal resources for individuals in need; and the second is a family-oriented show titled “It’s All Relative,” hosted by The Bitter End. Ms. Minogue’s music has also been showcased on major television networks including CBS, NBC, MTV, Lifetime, and others, in addition to music networks, and featured in popular television shows and films.

Born in the Bronx, New York, and now living in New Jersey, Ms. Minogue has solid educational foundations and connections in her craft. She earned a bachelor’s degree from the Berklee College of Music while continuing her education at the Manhattan School of Music. Moreover, Ms. Minogue is a lifetime GRAMMY member as bestowed by The Recording Academy as well as a member of the Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, better known as SAG-AFTRA.


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