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A competent and compassionate clinician, Ann-Marie McCabe cares more about the quality of her care than the quantity. She started out taking care of geriatric patients in primary care, and got bit by the behavioral health bug in 2006. Then, in 2012, she started working with the substance abuse population and found it to be really fulfilling. Ms. McCabe proceeded to steer her career in that direction, and has since found a home with Stanley Street Treatment & Resources and Associates in Behavioral Health. She serves both organizations as a nurse practitioner, the former since 2016 and the latter since 2015. Her responsibilities include conducting psychiatric evaluations on substance abuse and mental health patients and stabilizing their symptoms so they no longer need to use illicit drugs.

The highlight of Ms. McCabe’s journey thus far was treating a young man who had been labeled a paranoid schizophrenic for nine years. He hadn’t responded to any anti-psychotic medications, however, so she sent him to a neurology unit that found that he was hallucinating because he was having seizures in his brain. That diagnosis led him to be put on seizure medication instead, and his schizophrenic tendencies went away. Ms. McCabe was proud of her role in his improvement. She attributes her ongoing success to her fighting spirit.

Ms. McCabe prepared for her endeavors by earning a Bachelor of Arts in biology from the College of the Holy Cross in 1987 and a Master of Science in nursing from the Institute of Health Professions at the Massachusetts General Hospital in 1998. She also became an RN and a licensed nurse practitioner in the commonwealth of Massachusetts, and certified in psychiatric and metal health nursing through the American Nurses Credentialing Center. As the first person to graduate college in her family, Ms. McCabe considers her degrees to be a particularly noteworthy achievement. She used them as stepping stones as she navigated her career, garnering experience as a nurse practitioner at Attleboro Medical Associates, the Fallon Clinic, Evercare, Med Options, Inc., and Seven Hills Behavioral Health,  and as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Rhode Island. To keep in touch with her peers and any developments in her field, she joined prominent organizations like the American Nurses Association and the Massachusetts Nurses Association.

When Ms. McCabe isn’t working, she enjoys singing and doing arts and crafts with her daughter, Caitlin.

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