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Angelia Parrish

After graduating from high school, Angelia P. Parrish wanted to attend college, but did not have the money to do so. In pursuit of a career, she left home and accepted a job in New Orleans as an equipment operator on offshore rigs, which is where she learned how to weld. Today, Ms. Parrish excels in administration in the city in regards to law enforcement, rentals, and oil and gas energies, and as a pipeliner with the Local Union 798. She attributes her success to being surrounded by the best of the best.

With the Local Union 978, Ms. Parrish’s responsibilities mainly include helping the welders. This includes preparing for jobs, getting the welders prepared and securing materials for the task to ensure that the job moves smoothly. In the past, Ms. Parrish worked as a welder for many years, but after joining the union, she found herself assisting the welders more.

Although her career has been filled with highlights, Ms. Parrish is especially proud of being hired to work with the U.S. Marines and taking on some of the most difficult jobs in her field. She was also gratified to have garnered a positive reputation from working alongside the U.S. Marines, as well as contributing as a woman in a male dominated industry. What Ms. Parrish enjoyed the most was the travel, the networking and meeting new people. Additionally, she was able to sit in rooms with executives, who discussed future initiative for drilling as well as what new technologies were being developed for specific projects. While she gave up a lot for the work she does, she found the sacrifice to ultimately be rewarding.

In pursuit of higher education, Ms. Parrish obtained a certification in photography from Cedar Valley College in 1985. She subsequently earned a certification in medical transcription and coding from Kilgore College in 1999. She remains aware of changes in the field through her affiliation with Phi Beta Lambda. Moreover, she contributes to those in need as a volunteer with local food stamps and battered women organizations. What motivates Ms. Parrish constantly is being a mother. After dealing with the loss of her grandmother and her mother, she knew she couldn’t give up because she had another person depending on her. That alone drove her to seek work in the field as a welder, which also kept physically fit – a plus that she enjoyed.

Ms. Parrish would like to be remembered by others as someone who is a perfectionist. She enjoys putting her all into anything she works on to ensure quality and satisfaction within herself. Additionally, she would like others to recognize her as a determined individual who is a fast learner. Looking ahead, Ms. Parrish aims to channel her expertise into consulting while conducting additional volunteer work.


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