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Abigail Mirarchi

Since 2006, Abigail Mirarchi has thrived as the founder and chief executive officer of Accelerated Instructional Media, Inc. Recognized as a learning and development consultant, strategist, and educator, she maintains responsibility for drafting knowledge management frameworks for academic institutions and various companies and providing consultative services for U.S. Fortune 500 and Fortune Global 1,000 companies. Additionally, Ms. Mirarchi has led a myriad of teams consisting of facilitators, developers and designers in tailoring learning solutions and advising industry professionals on effective training strategies.

Earlier in her career, Ms. Mirarchi served in consultative, executive, and academic capacities with such entities as Empire Beauty Schools, the Perdoceo Education Corporation, Prudential, and Verizon. She also consulted with Amtrak, Strategic Education Inc., Centennial College, CSL, Quest Diagnostics, Comcast, Thomson Reuters, Santander, IBM, and Godiva Chocolatier. Prior to embarking on her vocational journey, Ms. Mirarchi pursued a formal education at the Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She subsequently received a Master of Science in instructional design and development from Lehigh University and certifications in advanced program management, master project management and applied program management from Villanova University. She also obtained a certificate in strategic workforce planning from the Human Capital Institute.

When accounting for her success, Ms. Mirarchi credits the support of her family, friends, colleagues, and clients, all of whom provide steadfast encouragement for her to continue pursuing her purpose and cultivating her talents. In this regard, she has always been considered a pragmatic, driven leader in her profession, consistently giving back to her community, transforming her into a well-rounded individual. Some of Ms. Mirarchi’s contributions have included serving as a board member of her local Chamber of Commerce, designing a U.S. Air Force patch worn by JStars during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, and developing a program committee supported by a host of volunteers.

In the coming years, Ms. Mirarchi aims to expand the scope of Accelerated Instructional Media, Inc., to incorporate hands-on experiential learning and development offerings. She would also like to perform in-depth community outreach and gain additional locations with a comprehensive team of professionals.


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